​​​​​Paula Havlik - Recreational Program Manager/Coach


Kelsey Walsh - Compulsory Coach

Kelsey started gymnastics at the age of 3 and never looked back. She began competing at age  6, and continued until the age of 18. For the last four years of her gymnastics career, she  competed level 10 club gymnastics as well as high school gymnastics, both of which led her  to the opportunity to compete at Nationals. Kelsey began coaching recreational classes at age  15 and felt it was a dream come true to have a job she loved so much. Kelsey has a bachelor’s  degree from Oregon State University in Human Development and Family Sciences with a  concentration on early childhood development, and is currently attending school for a  bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In her free time, you will usually find Kelsey at Crossfit  Acro, fulfilling her passion of crossfit training, or hanging out with her husky malamute  named Ghost. Kelsey deeply loves her family, friends, candy, being active, and laughing. She  lives her life with the strong belief that every minute you are angry, you are losing out on 60  seconds of happiness…so she ensures she chooses happiness every day.:)

​​​​​​​​Coaching Career
Paula began teaching recreational and preschool classes in 1993. Living in several regions over the past 20 years has afforded her the opportunity to work in 10 different gyms throughout Oregon and Washington. Building on the knowledge from such a variety of programs has helped to mold her creativity and understanding of how to motivate kids to go farther, try harder, and challenge themselves.
Free Time
In her free time, Paula enjoys coming up with new drills, hiking, trail running, kayaking, operating her business; Metro Mountain Climbing, crafting and being with her family. Oh, and she loves posing handstands in famous places and wants to see your totally awesome handstand pictures too!




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​Paul Rawlings - Owner/Coach

Paul began his career in the coaching world in 1995.  He has coached every level from mommy and me to optionals. 

He has a passion  to develop young athletes to their fullest potential. He dedicates himself fully to his athletes and teaches them to reach inside themselves and grab a hold of the potential that's waiting to be tapped into, to really see how far they can go in the extremely difficult sport!

Along side coaching Paul is a full time Portland firefighter.

​He is not only a hero in our communities, He works tirelessly to transform young lives that other look up to and members of society that will make a difference in their own journey.