Hours of practice for 

Compulsory Levels

 Level 3  

 Mon, Wed, & Thurs 4pm-7:30pm

 Level 4 

 Mon, Wed, &  Thurs 4pm-8pm

​ Level 5

 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 4pm-8pm

Compulsory Levels 3-5 @


Where Kids Come First!

The SWAG compulsory team program is the foundation for all team programs.  At this level, gymnasts will be taught the core elements for high level skills. We hold our staff and students to very high standards  to assure a positive and rewarding experience.  SWAG has the most experienced coaching staff in the area working with your athletes.  We believe a strong foundation will enable us to teach them any skill they need to be successful in the sport of gymnastics.